Teacher Testimonials
We're Red as Tomatoes

"Thank you for all that you did for us. You guys rock for making me have fun with veggies. Thank you for making me healthy. Thank you for making me grow. The veggies were awesome. Also you guys are awesome." Aydin, Whitehouse, Ohio (Student)

"The kids were proud of their "farms" and shared lots of information with visitors. The most difficult part of the program was stopping science class every day. Veggie U was so engaging, the kids didn't like class to end!" Ms. Trainer, Parma, Ohio (Teacher)

"I wanted to personally thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with our students. This is my 30th year of teaching and I don't think I have ever done anything this exciting, and the children are learning so much!" Ms. Dykhuizen, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Teacher)

"We had a wonderful year of planting, learning, thriving and beyond. The grant we received this year offered our students learning opportunities that took them beyond the food we eat to understanding many of the elements of the resources we depend on so much for living." Ms. Morrow, Wilmington, North Carolina (Teacher)

"Hi, my name is Taha and I am 11 years old. I learn at Walt Disney Magnet School. Some farms put chemicals in their vegetables but our veggies are natural and that is what i like, natural. Our class got the kit and we will start our garden of vegetables. I hope more people look into this program and again thank you thank you very much. I hope Veggie U grows and becomes a big company!" Taha C., Chicago, Illinois (Student)

"Thank you so much for your generous donation of the Veggie U kit. My favorite subject to teach is ecology, and this kit will really help me with that unit. Our children thrive with hands-on learning, especially when it comes to science. We also emphasize healthy eating in our school, and growing your own vegetables will surely inspire the kids." Mr. McClure, Denver, Colorado (Teacher)

"Let's eat some veggies in our meal. I learned today that I love them! I can't wait till we do some more of Veggie U! Did you know that the tomato is considered fruit because it has seeds in it! That's so cool!" Lizzie L., Yuma, Arizona (Student)

"Will you have funding for the Fall for special education? My class for next year visited on the day we were having salad we grew and they were so excited. I would like to do this as soon as school starts!" Ms. Baillie, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania (Teacher)

"Our students really enjoyed the projects and activities. Hopefully we have developed some better eaters and inspired the urge to go out and do some gardening. Your program is an awesome hands-on way to learn about plants and how important the farming industry is to our United States. We spent over six weeks planting and growing the plants and giving them tender loving care. We give you all TWO GREEN THUMBS UP ... Veggie U Rocks!!!" Mr. Woods, Tehachapi, California (Teacher)

"We wish it never ended!" "It was so fun planting the seeds in the soil and taking care of them." "I learned how important vegetables were to my diet, and I started eating healthier." "I loved planting the plants and seeing how big they grew." "The Worms! The Worms! The Worms! They were the coolest." Mr. Woods Students

"The kids are so excited. They came in today and saw that many plants have sprouted. It's really fun to watch. Working with 4th graders is really fun because they still get a big thrill and are excited about activities like this one. They are not 'too cool', if you know what I mean." Ms. Iverson, Lakeside, Montana (Teacher)

"We are absolutely thrilled to incorporate Veggie U into our existing curriculum to provide innovative hands-on learning with high benchmarks for success. Our kids, parents, and teachers are incredibly excited for our students to have the opportunity to take part in a program that will provide a lifelong impact on their health and our environment." Susan Cordova, Chief Academic Officer, Denver Public Schools

"The Veggie U Classroom Garden Program is an important addition to the science curriculum for every third grade student in our district. The students involved in the program receive an important foundation in nutrition education and plant science. The "seed to harvest" interactive experiences, vegetable sampling and daily lessons within the five week module result in students with newfound respect for the intricacies of our food systems and an understanding of how food reaches their plate. We also strongly believe that the best way to motivate children to learn is through experiential opportunities where they can discover for themselves the relationship between the earth and their dining table. Veggie U helps children fully understand this connection." Eric S. Gordon, CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District