Veggie U Staff

Nadia Clifford
Executive Director

Nadia Clifford for websiteVeggie U welcomes Nadia Clifford to the position of Executive Director. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Clifford served as Director of Strategic Marketing for a specialty produce grower for 8 years. She brings over 20 years of experience in the areas of marketing, business development and strategic business planning. A graduate of Ohio University, Ms. Clifford attended Case Western Reserve University for work in Management Science. Reach Nadia at NadiaC[at]Veggieu[dot]org

Lynne Eirons
Education Manager

Lynne Eirons for websiteLynne comes from a long line of educators and knows that teachers have the ability to reach children in a special way. Lynne has seen students beg to try more veggies during Veggie U in their classrooms. She looks forward to working with even more teachers and students to spread the word that it's fun to eat healthy. Lynne holds a BS in Applied Science in Engineering Technology from Miami University. She's spent 25 years planning events, coordinating volunteers and marketing to the community. She's also been a preschool activity planner for 10 years and loves to find fun activities for kids to do. Lynne is on the Board of Firelands Positive People, a scholarship program for high school students who have overcome adversity. Reach Lynne at LynneE[at]VeggieU[dot]org

Susan Fain
Autism Program Coordinator

Susan Fain for websiteSusan joined the staff at Veggie U after volunteering to pack kits and assist in the office. Hired as an inventory coordinator, she is now also responsible for launching Veggie U A+, a new program designed for students on the Autism Spectrum. Susan holds a B.Ph. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western College at Miami University and spent many years developing products for children at a major greeting card publisher. A keen gardener and veggie-lover, Susan is thrilled to be helping introduce the joy of growing and eating fresh vegetables to children of all abilities. Reach Susan at SusanF[at]VeggieU[dot]org

Vicki Jenkins
Marketing Manager

VickiJenkinsVicki works to increase the visibility and recognition of the Veggie U program, both locally and around the country. Veggie U has benefitted from this exposure and our name recognition continues to grow in media, funding, and education circles. With a BS in Journalism from Bowling Green State University, Vicki has over 20 years of marketing experience including non-profit, business to business, and consumer marketing. She is the past president of the board of directors of the local YMCA-- committed to building strong kids, strong families and strong communities-- closely aligned with the Veggie U mission. With a special interest in nutrition and health, Vicki's background, experience and enthusiasm is a strong asset to the Veggie U program. Reach Vicki at VickiJ[at]VeggieU[dot]org