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What makes Veggie U special and different is that our program is grounded first in academics, and then in fun!

We have been vetted by a content correlation service (EdGate®) to ensure our program contains the core concepts for plant science. We took those core concepts and created fun experiences that get kids excited and wanting to learn more. The kids literally get their hands dirty and plant their own mini-crop, tending it and learning from it in daily lessons that are instructive, but seem more like play!

With extensive journaling activities, team work, problem solving, and skill development, Veggie U Classroom Gardens are an interactive, fun way for students to learn required concepts.

The Veggie U Primary Classroom Garden is a turn-key program shipped complete to educators.

New Primary Classroom Garden Program includes (for one classroom):

• Comprehensive Lesson Guide, which includes 25 Standards-
   based lessons, reproducible worksheets and more
• Video instructions for the whole class
Kit Cropped for web• Grow light kit
• Root viewers
• A variety of soil types and components
• 20 custom seed packets
• Planter and garden trays
• Live worms for creating a worm farm
• Funds to purchase tasting vegetables and
  supplies to augment Feast Day
• Ongoing support for teachers

Our goal is always to sustain the program each year in the schools. This ensures that every student has the opportunity to have a Classroom Garden education. Refill Gardens are pro-rated in subsequent years as only the perishable items in the original garden will need to be replaced.

Veggie U works hard to provide Classroom Gardens at no cost to schools. When we are able to do this, it is through the generosity of our donors and grantors. Sometimes our funding is restricted by donors to specific geographic areas or populations. If funding isn't available for a particular school, we work with the school to identify local sources of funds. A new Primary Classroom Garden and a new A+ garden are each $450 per classroom. The perishable contents of the gardens can be replenished for $225 in subsequent years. Please Contact Us to find out if funding is available for your school.