Veggie U Volunteers

"Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts." - Albert Einstein

While our volunteers contribute hundreds of hours of time to Veggie U, what they do for us can not really be measured. Their value is about much more than time or money. They sustain our programs, because without them we just couldn't survive and flourish.

How are volunteers involved at Veggie U? Our Board of Directors and Advisory Panel are staffed by volunteers, Chefs volunteer their time and talent at our fundraisers, and volunteers pack all our garden components for shipping to schools. In fact, the very folks that founded Veggie U did so on a volunteer basis!

Our volunteers are like the sun and water to our gardens, we need them in order to grow! Would you like to get your hands dirty with Veggie U, too? Contact us here, or call (440) 774-8344.


Volunteers collage