Cleveland Botanical Gardens
Veggie U and The Cleveland Botanical Gardens are like-minded organizations sharing many of the same goals. The CBG has a mission to build a greener, healthier northeast Ohio and they do just that through programs, community outreach, and educational opportunities. Through their outreach with area educators, Veggie U has been able to provide teacher in-service training on our Classroom Garden program to Cleveland Metropolitan Elementary School third grade teachers. Additionally, Veggie U seeds have been planted in the Hershey Children's Garden on the CBG grounds, so that kids can get a better understanding of how veggies grow and nourish us.


farm to school logo
Veggie U is proud to be part of the Farm to School movement, a nationwide effort to improve the nutrition of our nation's schoolchildren. Primarily a program to encourage the purchasing of fresh, local produce and other farm products by school cafeterias, Farm to School also recognizes the importance of nutrition education in getting kids to eat that local food. Farm to School encourages many programs, including procurement, school gardens, and education. Veggie U has worked with the national movement to promote Farm to School month in October, and with the Ohio chapter through conferences and trade shows. 

n2y logo
News 2 You provides cloud-based learning tools for special education instructors and students.  They develop curriculum, lesson plans, and materials utilizing unique symbol-based system. Veggie U is proud to use the N2Y SymbolStix library in our A+ program for students with special needs. This library of words and symbols allows even non-verbal students to participate fully in Classroom Garden education. 


Oberlin College
Oberlin College is world-renowned for education and their Conservatory of Music. Veggie U is humbled to have been the recipient of much largess from the College since moving our offices to Oberlin, Ohio, in 2014. Many students have volunteered their time and talent to our program, providing resources to our curriculum. Additionally, through the Bonner Center for Service and Learning at Oberlin, Veggie U has benefitted from the inclusion of Bonner Scholars to our volunteer ranks, as well as being a non-profit site for the students' observance of the National Day of Service. 

The School Nutrition Association is a national, nonprofit professional organization representing more than 55,000 members. The authority on school nutrition, SNA has been advancing the availability, quality and acceptance of school nutrition programs as an integral part of education since 1946. Veggie U is proud to partner with SNA to educate their membership, through our attendance at trade shows and conferences, about how our Classroom Garden education programs can help them meet their goals.