Microgreens, a garden in your kitchen

Microgreens might be the hottest trend in “boutique vegetables” and served at the best restaurants, but they are really easy and fun to grow at home. In fact, many of the plants Veggie U students grow in their classroom gardens are actually microgreens.

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Caring for Our Wormy Friends

One of our most popular Veggie U projects is creating a classroom worm farm.  It’s a fun way for kids to experience the complete the life cycle of plants and to learn about the components of healthy soil.

As we like to say, healthy soil = healthy plants= healthy kids!

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Grow an Understanding of Good Nutrition with Veggie U
A quick overview of the Veggie U Classroom Garden Program

Veggie U is a non-profit children's education that promotes the importance of nutrition and agriculture by providing interactive lesson plans and a classroom garden to elementary schools and special needs students.

The twin daggers of childhood obesity and childhood food insecurity are growing concerns that seem contradictory but boil down to the same thing—poor nutrition.

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A Fun Veggie Tasting Template

We just love our creative Veggie U teachers!

Over the years, we have seen some amazing ways to handle the veggie tasting activity that kicks off the start of both Veggie U Primary and Veggie U A+. But we liked this idea so much that we asked the teachers at Windsor Elementary in Elyria, Ohio, if we could share it with other teachers. We even thought it could be a fun activity for kids to share with their families, too!

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Seeds in Space!

There was much excitement here at Veggie U HQ when we heard that astronauts aboard the International Space Station were harvesting a crop of red romaine lettuce grown in space. Our Veggie Adventurers grow the same red romaine lettuce in their classroom gardens.

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October is Popcorn Month!

Woo Hoo! A whole month to celebrate one of Veggie U’s favorite snacks! We love it so much that we even send you popcorn seeds to grow in your Veggie U Classroom Garden.

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