Inquiring Kid’s Want to Know:
What’s the Difference between Soil and Dirt?

We recently received an amazing report from a first-time Veggie U class in Barberton, Ohio. Ms. Bruzda had a lot of wonderful things to tell us, but what really caught our attention was this:

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Falling for Summer Squash

The whole idea behind growing squash seeds in the Veggie U garden was to somehow include a flowering vegetable to illustrate the seed producing process to our young gardeners. Who could have imagined that over the years, the squash planting activity would become one of the most beloved elements of Veggie U!   Falling for Summer Squash

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Fruits Disguised as Veggies? Scary.

If you met an eggplant at a Halloween party, you might say, “Hey, awesome veggie costume!”

But the eggplant would have to reply, “Actually, I’m a fruit.” So would the cucumber, the olive, and the pepper. All fruits. Talk about great costumes!

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Carrots are Cool!

It’s pretty obvious that we here at Veggie U are rather fond of carrots. We love them so much that we even made one a part of our logo, for Pete’s sake! So we are very excited that, after a summer spent testing and growing, we are now ready to include carrot seeds in our stellar line up of Veggie U veggies. Now all our students can experience the wonders of growing this amazing vegetable in the root viewers that come with every Veggie U Primary Garden.

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Notes from the Veggie U Pallet Garden

Searching Pinterest in January for garden ideas can be a dangerous thing!

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National Spinach Day is March 26th 

Sometimes, it’s easy being green. Especially when it’s National Spinach Day!

Here at Veggie U HQ we celebrate Spinach Day every day by sending spinach seeds to classrooms nationwide to grow in their Veggie U Classroom Gardens.

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