Grow an Understanding of Good Nutrition with Veggie U
A quick overview of the Veggie U Classroom Garden Program

Veggie U is a non-profit children's education that promotes the importance of nutrition and agriculture by providing interactive lesson plans and a classroom garden to elementary schools and special needs students.

The twin daggers of childhood obesity and childhood food insecurity are growing concerns that seem contradictory but boil down to the same thing—poor nutrition.

The Veggie U program seeks to answer these concerns by teaching kids at an early age where their food comes from, and the importance of plant based nutrition. This all happens within the 25 interactive lessons of the Veggie U Classroom Garden Program, and can occur in the classroom setting due to the stringent adherence of the curriculum to state and national science standards.

In the five units of the Veggie U program, students are taught plant structures and types, and what plants need to grow healthy and strong. With their new knowledge, the students plant radishes, mung beans, popcorn, celery, peas, green and red lettuces, arugula, beets, cilantro, spinach, cabbage, and rye. They care for their seedlings throughout the five-week program, up until the harvest and Feast Day.

Other units in the program teach the importance of worms to the garden and the students also care for a worm farm. They learn about composting techniques, different soil types, and about drainage. The students gain an understanding that that the way food is grown affects its taste and nutritional value. By the end of the program, students can read and understand a nutrition label, can identify a healthy meal plan, and can execute simple, healthy, plant based recipes.

Over 6,500 Veggie U Classroom Gardens have been placed in 36 states. We need your help to continue to grow. “Veggie U partners with like-minded organizations, who embrace the mission of promoting the well-being of children by sponsoring the Veggie U Classroom Garden Program,” said Nadia Clifford, Veggie U Executive Director. “Organizations really can make a difference in kids’ lives by sharing good principles and good ideas.”

Veggie U is currently underfunded, with many schools waiting to start the program. If you or an organization you are involved in can help support our mission, please contact us. You can use our Contact Form, or call 440/774-8344.