A Fun Veggie Tasting Template

We just love our creative Veggie U teachers!

Over the years, we have seen some amazing ways to handle the veggie tasting activity that kicks off the start of both Veggie U Primary and Veggie U A+. But we liked this idea so much that we asked the teachers at Windsor Elementary in Elyria, Ohio, if we could share it with other teachers. We even thought it could be a fun activity for kids to share with their families, too!

 Veggie Tasting2These teachers created a new Veggie Tasting Sheet that lets kids keep track of the veggies they’ve tasted and whether or not they liked them. A spread of different vegetables was set out, always with one whole, uncut veggie (with leaves attached, if possible) to show what the complete vegetable looked like. The rest of the veggies were washed and cut in bite-sized pieces. The kids could take what they wanted, go back to their seats, match the veggies to the pictures and try them out. As they tasted them, they would simply mark whether they liked them or not. By having a list, the kids were encouraged to try them all! A little positive peer pressure went a long way, too…so we heard.

We especially loved the gentle way this sheet has of prodding young palates to perhaps try tasting any “unloved” veggies again. There is even a grid on the back for kids to add new veggies to their list. What a great family project it would be to see if you could fill in all the blanks with new veggies the family has tried!

Download and print a Veggie Tasting Sheet for your class or family!

Thank you, Elyria teachers. Happy Tasting!